Justice4Sanaz University Tour February-March 2015

Following a successful talk given at This is Not a Gateway festival in November 2014 and in December 2014 at the University of Exeter, taking a cue from Willie Nelson, Justice4Sanaz will be “On the Road Again”. The Justice4Sanaz University Tour will cover not only about Sanaz’s case and campaign, but also about how the rampant neoliberalisation of higher education has further marginalised non-EU international students and people of colour. Additionally, how universities are complicit in acting in line with xenophobic, racist immigration policy while at the same time casting a colonial divide and rule strategy that pits British students against non-EU students. This talk will also confront the myopic nature of the British student movement when it comes to race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and citizenship, especially when it comes to BME and non-EU international students.

Additionally, the Justice4Sanaz University Tour will be collecting donations to help with putting together a fresh application to the Home Office and with Sanaz’s day-to-day living costs.

February dates are as follows:

Wednesday 4th February— Warwick University Campus, Social Sciences Building S0.11 at 6pm. Keep up to date via the Facebook invite page  hosted  by the Warwick Anti Sexism Society.

Monday 9th February— University of Birmingham, Nuffield G13 at 6pm. Keep up to date via the Facebook invite page. This event is hosted by BEMA.

Thursday 12th February— University of Nottingham, Portland Building, Room E125, at 6:30pm. Keep up to date via the Facebook invite page. The event is hosted by University of Nottingham Left Society.

Tuesday 17th February— University of Sheffield, Hicks LT07, Hounsfield Road, S3 7RH at 6pm. Keep up to date via the Facebook invite page. This event is hosted by The Free University of Sheffield.

Thursday 19th February— University of Manchester, Student’s Union Room 8,  7pm. Keep up to date via the Facebook invite page.  This event is hosted by Manchester No Borders.


Tuesday 3rd March— Oxford Brookes University, UNISON International Women’s Day Event– “Women’s Rights in the HE”. Speakers include Kate Belgrave (Journalist, Guardian, Open Democracy), Angie Normadales (Oxford Brookes SU Women’s Officer), Sanaz Raji (Campaigner), and Caroline Lake (UNISON). Location: Room AG09, Harcourt Hill Campus, OX2 9AT. For more information, contact Manishta Sunnia: m.sunnia@brookes.ac.uk

Wednesday 4th March— Oxford University, Wadham College, 7:30pm. Keep up to date on latest developments via the Facebook event page. This event is being sponsored by Defend Education Oxford.

Thursday 19th March— Justice4Sanaz Fundraiser Benefit. More information TBC.

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